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This is an archive of the pseudo-daily Tomorrowlands news on the site home page, in case you missed 'em the first time around.

They are arranged from newest to oldest, but you can click on the navigation links below to comb through by month. Entries prior to August 15, 2000 were mixed in with the "Journal" entries; I've trimmed 'em down to "News" releases as best I can.

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Site News: 2000

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December 16, 2K ...

Proud fourth-place finisher in ...

(I was voted off the island on December 15. I will keep this link up through to the end of the game, but I'm no longer posting new material there. You can still read through Survivorerer's archives to get to my classic posts, such as "An Island Carol" and "A mostly dangerous game".)

No, really, they were brilliant posts and stuff. If you're bored enough to be reading through my old news archives, you've got the time to go skim my old Survivorerer material. So go read. Enjoy.

November, 2000

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November 26, 2K ... I'm still adding my backdated journal entries straight to the archives. Only one left to go: last week's BWND. There are still some serious gaps, but (A) I'm burned out, (B) I'm not getting paid by the word, (C) I'm not getting paid at all. This is what's known as a "labor o' love", although most people would probably use the more traditional "of" instead of the cutesy "o' "; and while I'm more than willing to keep up on my daily self-commitment, I don't have the dedication to write five entries at once to make up for an existing shortage.

So we'll sweep last week under the rug and start fresh. Maybe that way I can catch up on my e-mail.

In other news, I got the site logo up! The real, professionally done site logo! Yay Cerulean! Although you sharp-eyed readers may have noticed the change at the top of the page already, I recommend you go check out the site front to get the full effect.

Eeerg ... I'm going to bed.

November 21, 2K ... The server went down on Saturday, as expected. There was only one slight problem -- when it came bax up, I couldn't log in. Meaning that I couldn't update Tomorrowlands or access my e-mail.

I've spent the last two days trying to get this resolved, and it's finally taken care of. I apologize for the inactivity. I'll be adding some retroactive journal entries straight to the archives -- don't miss them.

In other news, Survivorerer is getting really exciting as of late. Long-time ally Agent Red has defected from my team and is waging a campaign of bitter aggression against me. And this week's challenge has turned out a lot of top-quality entries. If you haven't been reading Survivorerer, go catch up on it.

November 9, 2K ...

POTENTIAL OUTAGE NOTICE: tiger.chameleon.net (the server which runs Tomorrowlands) will be down for most of Saturday, Nov 18, for a major hardware and kernel upgrade. If I can, I'll host the site from another machine over the weekend. Now that I've got DSL at home, and some server software for the Macintosh, I might be able to pull it off.

I'll also be in California that weekend, visiting my parents. Just FYI.

October, 2000

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October 26, 2K ... I'm playing around with the layout of the front page. Since the journal is updated far more often than Tlands News, I thought I'd try putting it up top; since I don't really have a "most recently updated" section, I thought I'd toss one in. I'm going to have to keep it up-to-date manually, unless I invest some actual time in scripting a solution for it. But the work involved is fairly trivial.

Not much content news, except on the horizon; if this weekend finds me with any free web design time, I'll kick-start the Draconity section (now that I've got material for it) and post a new page I've had on hold for a few days (which is currently ready to roll).

I had something else to say, which I forgot; I'll post more if it comes bax to me.

October 10, 2K ... Mike Thorpe pointed out some errors in my links on the Miscellaneous page. Thanks, Mike! I've fixed 'em, and added a few Magic cards to the UCSB Expansion Set as well. (Plus updated the Site Map, as is usual whenever content gets added.)

The good news is that I've been keeping up the journal far better than I would have thought possible. The bad news is that, as usual, the rest of my site has lain dormant for months. As I'm still trying to move everything over from ECIS, this is a problem ...

So what to do? I don't know. In the meantime, please bear with the fact that half of my links don't work (look for the original pages at my old site), and enjoy the journal.

And the new baxground images.

September, 2000

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September 26, 2K ... I've updated the Journal indexing some so that it's not quite as navigationally annoying. I'm in the process of adjusting all of the archives from last-to-first to first-to-last. Still working on the "put more than one entry on the front page" idea ... I dunno, though. May be more time than it's worth. (It wouldn't take a lot of time, but the benefits don't seem extreme.)

Content. Content!! Must ... have ... content ...

September 24, 2K ... Journal indexing, check. I've taken the huge huge journal page and split it up by month. Yay me.

Sidebar images, check. It only took me a week and a half, but the "Humor" and "Journal" images have been fixed and uploaded, respectively. I really need DSL at home. (sigh)

And ... uh ... er. I'm trying, I really am.

September 13, 2K ... As mentioned in Monday's Journal, the Contact page has been fleshed out. Go take a look; you'll notice something else interesting.

Or maybe not ... it's kind of subtle. Try checking out Edinburgh. Whoah! Background images, in all their splendid glory.

There's a third page with spiffy image-ness, worth mentioning on its own merits: Ley Lines is up and running! Go take a look. I plan on rotating the links around every once in a while, to keep 'em fresh, so if you have a site you think is of exceptional quality, let me know.

In other news, I'm seriously considering tweaking the news/journal scripts to display more than one day's worth of updates at a time. It's just good policy. I'm sure you all have had days when you couldn't get online, and such an improvement would save you a trip to the archive -- not to mention those poor folk who have to catch up every Monday after a netless weekend. I'm also going to try to organize and/or index old journal entries, as I'm being a lot more pithy than I give myself credit for; we'll see how far I get on both notes.

September 10, 2K ... The most significant changes today are the ones you probably didn't notice: I've completely overhauled my image archiving system, and synchronized all of my sidebars. This means that adding new content and linking to it is now nearly as simple as changing two lines in a script file and running an updater. I'm justifiably proud.

Over the next few days, I'll clean up the lingering image problems this may have caused; if you're missing a few images in your navigation sidebars, do not adjust your monitor. (On the other hand, on the image front, I finally got the "tomorrowlands journal" image in below.)

In other news, I've moved over the Poetry Page from ECIS, and updated it with a new poem (meaning that "Bird of Prey" is in the Poetry Archives now). And I've also moved the Photography stuff here. Check 'em both out.

August, 2000

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August 28, 2K ... Due to a very disturbing post on antwon.com -- which you can read here -- I have created the Baxil Rental page. If anyone can enlighten me as to why some poor soul was searching Google for the phrase baxil rental (which brought them to Antwon.com, which is how I heard about it), please please please write me.

August 29, 2K update: Also, speaking of antwon.com, I guest-wrote an article for 'im. It's of relevance if you've read my Tomorrowlands journal. You can jump straight to my post here, but I recommend you skim through the rest of his site as well -- great stuff.

August 21, 2K ... I've got the resume up. Still trying to find time to fix the images. My next project (which I'm working on right now, actually) is going to be a script to auto-update all of the navigation sidebars at once from a single source file; this will make the process of mucking around with the subdirectories off of the main page infinitely easier. In the meantime, the site map once again accurately reflects recent changes.

August 15, 2K ... I've split the front-page "News" section (this thing you're reading here) into "News" and "Journal", so I can put up a daily ramble while still leaving room to announce new content. And, yes, new content will be coming soon.

I need to do some image work when I get home (to make some nice clean logos for Tlands news and the Tlands journal). I'm also working on, of all things, a resume to post online ... you'll see it in the next day or two.

August 13, 2K ... Yep! Posting on a Sunday! My home computer once again works! :)

It's still far from ideal, netwise. I'm on a scavenged 14.4 modem (which, incidentally, has sufficient bandwidth for the work that I do, which largely consists of Telnet, occasional web page uploads, and text-only net surfing). And it's not like my weekends are productive ... but I promised I wouldn't get into that.

August 10, 2K ... I'm trying to get a project finished at work; I can't really think of much to say.

August 9, 2K ... It's time to get started on that Draconity FAQ update. Which means I need to set up my computer when I get home tonight. Moving sucks. Oh, and I need Net access at home. Argh. ;-P Maybe if I keep whining into the aether about it, something will get done ...

August 8, 2K ... I've been rather a consumer lately. I've been taking some "time off" to cruise around the Web, finding neat sites, playing fun games, and generally entertaining myself ... at the expense of adding content to Tomorrowlands. Heck, Cerulean even sent me the logo around the beginning of the month -- I haven't even written him back to say "thank you" yet, although I will do so by lunchtime today.

On the other hand, I already *have* content to share with the world. *Real* content. I'm one of the more outspoken dragons on the Net, perhaps in the world. The FAQ is crying out for an overhaul. It's good that I'm making regular News updates here, but there's a lot of work on TL that remains to be done. And I want to do it ... it's just so bloody inconvenient at the moment, with no net connection from home. Argh.

See yesterday's rant. (sigh)

August 7, 2K ... Dammit. I really need Net access at home.

We've just moved; my computer still hasn't quite been set up yet. Plus the DSL our household was going to get is still in the process of being acquired. It all adds up to basically no Net access on weekends. And then during the week, I can only get online from work -- which is a huge guilt trip, because I honestly like Wildtangent, and I want to work while I'm there ... but there's so much else to do. Argh. Argh. Dammit. I really need Net access at home.

Content? We don' need no steenkin' content. We'll just provide lots of outside links and maybe you'll ignore the fact that I've been too busy playing catch-up from the Denver Dragon Gather to post new content. (Well, generally too busy to post new content. I did put up that rant on dragons and hatred on Thursday.)

July, 2000

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July 31, 2K ... I'm bax from the Denver Dragon Gather! It was very fun. I am exhausted. I am still trying to catch up on my e-mail, let alone actually get productive web work done.

This is more or less a note to let y'all know that things are up and running again. I'll try to get plenty of content up in early August.

July 15, 2K ... My computer broke today. I hauled it into the local Macintosh computer store (thank goodness for university districts!) and found out that its aging battery had just given out. Yep, computers have batteries; what do you think keeps the internal clock correct when you unplug it to move it to the other side of the room?

The repair cost me $25. It's the first repair of anything ever that I've had done professionally ($5 of that $25 was labor) and that I've been able to pay with cash-on-hand. That's a good feeling.

Unfortunately, I kind of wasted the afternoon getting the computer fixed. I'm back up now, but I'm doing a lot of moving and soup2K work, both of which must be done before I leave for the Denver Dragon Gather. So webpage updates may be a long while in coming. (sigh)

July 12, 2K ... It finally struck me this morning that I'm going to be leaving for the Denver Dragon Gather in a week. Ack. So much to do before then ...

I doubt that I'll be able to provide consistent Tomorrowlands updates during the time I'm gone. But I'll deal with that as the time comes. For now, I just get to stress a lot about how to spend my limited time before leaving.

If it were just Tomorrowlands, I wouldn't even flinch. But I've got a project at work to finish up; I have to finish toasting Soup2K and create the album jacket; I have to pack for the trip ... and then I have to pack the rest of my stuff, because we're MOVING!!! AAAIEE!!

It never rains but it pours, I guess ...

July 11, 2K ... One of the most heartbreaking things in existence is when you get this really, really fantastic idea which you just can't do anything with because you've already committed yourself to too much.

Sometimes the idea is just so fantastic that you have to shout "Damn the torpedoes!" and do it anyway. Such a beast is the TRC. But it's going to be a lot of work, both in terms of content creation and in terms of PERL scripting ... and I'm less than one-third done with transferring the rest of my site over to Tomorrowlands. Every page I generate, every update I make, means the rest of the site is put off that much longer. *sigh* Did I say "March 2001" as a release date? Was I being optimistic?

"But ... the TRC?" you ask. "What is the TRC?" You will find out, in due time. And I'll even give you a hint: No, the "T" doesn't stand for Tomorrowlands.

Enjoy the wait. ;-)

July 9, 2K (late night) ... EDINBURGH IS UP!! EDINBURGH IS UP!!!

Yeah, I've got the Site Map done, too (at least, it is also up, and reflects the current status of Tomorrowlands accurately), but EDINBURGH IS UP!! And I even cleaned it up, fixed some typos, and put the chapters into HTML instead of plain text! *AND* I wrote some entirely new content -- a quick analysis of the book!

If the rest of the site updates go like this, Tomorrowlands is going to seriously rock. (It'll also be ready for its grand opening in, oh, March 2001, but let's ignore that for a moment ...)

I'd like to thank me for all my hard work. Me has been fantastic. You have been, too, because you're here to read this, thus justifying me's existence in some small way. ];=8)

Oh, and I just realized I still think it's the 7th for some reason. So all today's page update times are going to be off by two days. Oops. You won't tell anyone, right?

July 6, 2K ... Still depressingly few site updates. Edinburgh is in a state of limbo which I could fix with a mere half hour free on my home computer, but I've been trying to use my time recently to catch up on e-mail instead of add content. Serves me right. Or something.

On the other paw, I'm soliciting opinions for the Draconity FAQ overhaul, which is going to be a major major project. (I just checked this morning and realized that it's going on two years since I made major changes to it. Where has my life gone?!) Fortunately, my move to Tomorrowlands is a good impetus to freshen everything; with the site redesign, I have to edit every page anyway (if only to add the sidebars and footers), so why not take the extra time and brush up the content too?

Oh, and Tomorrowlands e-mail is working. Yay! So, if you're actually reading this (I still haven't officially opened the site, but the URL has slipped out to a few places), please mail me and let me know that my diligent news updating is not for naught.

July 2, 2K ... Funny how I feel obligated to keep this current, even though the site isn't even officially up yet. I think I'm just trying to get myself into the habit of updating the page daily. Which is good.

Sadly, the actual updates have been a bit slow. I goofed off today, and I also need to move my computer over to the apartment tonight. Fortunately, I've got a four-day weekend; stuff will happen.

July 1, 2K ... I'm working on the Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science -- the update is almost done; most of what's involved is just translating the images from a black background to a white background. (Can't have the site look the same EVERYWHERE, after all.) I'm too tired to upload them tonight, but they'll be up soon.

June, 2000

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June 30, 2K ... I must resist the temptation to turn this into a daily ramble. It is for Tomorrowlands news. I don't know why this is the case, but some sort of cosmic balance will be upset if I just go off at random here every day. Yeah, right. Who am I trying to fool? ];=8)

I should be spending this time updating Tomorrowlands, anyway. Except I can't. I'm at work. All of my source files are on my home computer. (And on ECIS, of course, but if I work from home, I can keep local copies of all the changes I make, and I get to use a spiffier text editor.) But I'll get some good updatin' done this weekend, darn tootin'.

June 29, 2K ... Golly. Life is weird. You blink, and four days have gone by, and nothing's been done on your webpage.

I'll be adding more content soon; I've heard that the logo is going to happen, but not until after Anthrocon (have a good time, Cerulean!); I've got a long weekend, courtesy of my employer and our achievement of a distribution milestone; and I've written a script to automate the process of adding news to the front page -- and moving the older news to the archive. I'm testing it now, and if it runs smoothly, you'll be able to expect a lot more constant rambling from me in this space. Less fuss, more talk! I like those odds.

P.S. The script works.

June 25, 2K ... Been doin' the three-page shuffle, in between the <tables> ... a little bit of waffling over the site format. But that's cleared up, and just to start getting things ported over, I've (I think) finished the Miscellaneous tab. Tomorrowlands itself probably won't be officially launched until next weekend at the earliest, but it's good to see the site growing already.

Also, Jia (my mate Erin Lynn) is going to have a presence on the site, too. I'll add her stuff as soon as I can. (Still no word on the domain name or logos ...)

June 24, late night ... More pages! More pages! I've got the Copyright Notice, the About page, and the nascent News Archive (ooo, I used "nascent" in a sentence!) up. I'm beginning to realize that this is going to be a more ambitious project than I gave it credit for, especially since part of my plan is to overhaul the old pages as I move them here. Oh, wow, the FAQ alone is going to take me several days I'm sure.

So I'll start the project piecemeal. There are going to be a lot of missing lynx in the next several weeks; I'll try to redirect them bax to ECIS until the pages have been prepared for the move.

In the meantime, no news on the logo or on shifting the actual domain here. I'll be patient; it's quite possible Aeto or Cerulean wrote me bax at work and I just won't know til Monday. ;)

June 24, early morning ... The first page is up (this one). None of the links work, 'cept "Contact" below, and that's only to test another index image. But it looks gooood.

In fact, www.tomorrowlands.org doesn't yet point to this page, but Aeto's taking care of that over the weekend. In the meantime, more stuff will happen. If you're not me and are reading this, then you definitely have too much time on your hands. Unless I told you to come here. In which case I've got too much time on my hands. Well, strictly speaking, that's not true. But it's way late at night, and I've had enough time to work six straight hours on TL. Now I will go thud, after uploading all of this. Yeee. Narf. Poit.

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