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In 1904, life was different.

Different enough that real, working magic was taught at college campuses.

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The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science

By Thomas Troward, 1904. Yes, that Edinburgh. No, it wasn't some fluke -- the copy I have is from the book's 26th print run in 1909. And for a turn-of-the-century work, I found this textbook eminently readable.

It's a very good foundational material, one which I heartily recommend for mages everywhere, and has a great deal of help in getting into the proper mindset. I have written a summary and analysis of the work, which is a good place to start before diving into the text itself.

If you've found "Edinburgh" useful, or have any general questions on it (specify chapter, please), let me know.

How come someone else's book is on your site?

The copyright on this work has expired. It is now in the public domain, and as such, I'm making it available here free. Save a copy! Print it out! The original book may also still be findable in used bookstores. (I've got two hardbound copies.)
How to save a copy to your disk
  1. WINDOWS USERS: Right-click on the "full text" link below. MAC USERS: Control-click on the "full text" link below. (For older versions of Netscape, you may instead have to click the link and hold the button down until the menu pops up.) UNIX USERS (on Lynx): Highlight the link and press "d" to download it as a local file.
  2. From the pop-up menu that appears, select "Save This Link As ..." (or whatever the Internet Explorer equivalent is). (Lynx: choose "Save to disk.")
  3. Put a name for the file in the dialog box that appears, probably something like "Edinburgh Lectures" (for Mac users) or "edinburg.txt" (hooray for Windows filename extensions).
  4. Your computer will spend about 0.3 seconds downloading the file, and you're done!
Click on this link to view the full text.

The Lectures

I have also given the book a rudimentary translation into HTML so that it can be viewed with greater ease online. To keep it manageable, I have given each chapter its own page, with a name of the form chapXX.html.

All text in those pages is Mr. Troward's, unless encased in [[double brackets]], which denotes a comment made by me. (Naturally, the page credits at the end are mine ;-P)

Table of Contents

Introduction, Title Page, Foreword

Chapter 1 -- "Spirit and Matter"
Chapter 2 -- "The Higher Mode of Intelligence Controls the Lower"
Chapter 3 -- "The Unity of the Spirit"
Chapter 4 -- "Subjective and Objective Mind"
Chapter 5 -- "Further Considerations Regarding Subjective and Objective Mind"
Chapter 6 -- "The Law of Growth"
Chapter 7 -- "Receptivity"
Chapter 8 -- "Reciprocal Action of the Universal and Individual Minds"
Chapter 9 -- "Causes and Conditions"
Chapter 10 -- "Intuition"
Chapter 11 -- "Healing"
Chapter 12 -- "The Will"
Chapter 13 -- "In Touch with Subconscious Mind"
Chapter 14 -- "The Body"
Chapter 15 -- "The Soul"
Chapter 16 -- "The Spirit"

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