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It's not good to take the world too seriously; laughter heals and unites.

This is an archive of Tomorrowlands.org humor. Accept no imitations.

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Everything listed here is the real deal, the gen-yoo-ine article -- mine, start to finish. (Please feel free to link to these pages; however, don't copy them for your own website.)

  • "Spent my [three] years prostrate to the higher mind, got my paper, and I was free." (-- the Indigo Girls, "Closer To Fine") And I worked out some cynicism along the way, too, in "The Essay Throughout Your Life."

  • Who says you can't learn anything from cable TV?

  • There are some archetypes that transcend boundaries and become mythology. Dragons are one of them; evil admins are another. See the two combined in the original adventures of the Bastard Knight From Hell!

  • If you've played real-time strategy games (like Warcraft, Starcraft, Command & Conquer, etc., etc.) for any length of time, you'll have noticed just how similar they feel after a while. And yet nobody seems to want to program the RTS innovations I suggest. Life is cruel that way.


Just like everyone else on the Internet, I receive forwarded humor from my friends. Sometimes, these pieces are actual gems of hilarity. (I have high-quality friends.) Here is a limited selection -- of only forwarded humor whose original author I haven't been able to verify (otherwise, I will provide a link to the original author's page) -- of other people's jokes that I've found to be worth the retelling.

  • You think screaming customers are bad ...? Well, have you ever had to put a vampire on hold, or keep the demon on the phone from claiming your soul while you're helping him? Obviously, you've never worked Undead Tech Support.

  • "Thus caution doth make house cats of us all ..." Anyone who's ever been owned by a cat will recognize the dilemma expressed in Hamlet's Cat's soliloquy.

  • Speaking of Hamlet, take a look at a recently discovered folio edition of the play, in which Shakespeare rewrote the ending so that Hamlet meets Scooby Doo. (By Michael S. Schiffer. Link goes offsite.)

  • Ever been confronted with somebody so astoundingly clueless that they need a whappy stick upside the head, but you don't want to waste any more precious minutes of your life on them? Just fill out the Standardized Bonehead Reply Form.

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