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June 24, early morning ... The first page is up (this one). None of the links work, 'cept "Contact" below, and that's only to test another index image. But it looks gooood.

In fact, www.tomorrowlands.org doesn't yet point to this page, but Aeto's taking care of that over the weekend. In the meantime, more stuff will happen. If you're not me and are reading this, then you definitely have too much time on your hands. Unless I told you to come here. In which case I've got too much time on my hands. Well, strictly speaking, that's not true. But it's way late at night, and I've had enough time to work six straight hours on TL. Now I will go thud, after uploading all of this. Yeee. Narf. Poit.

June 24, late night ... More pages! More pages! I've got the Copyright Notice, the About page, and the nascent News Archive (ooo, I used "nascent" in a sentence!) up. I'm beginning to realize that this is going to be a more ambitious project than I gave it credit for, especially since part of my plan is to overhaul the old pages as I move them here. Oh, wow, the FAQ alone is going to take me several days I'm sure.

So I'll start the project piecemeal. There are going to be a lot of missing lynx in the next several weeks; I'll try to redirect them bax to ECIS until the pages have been prepared for the move.

In the meantime, no news on the logo or on shifting the actual domain here. I'll be patient; it's quite possible Aeto or Cerulean wrote me bax at work and I just won't know til Monday. ;)

June 25, 2K ... Been doin' the three-page shuffle, in between the <tables> ... a little bit of waffling over the site format. But that's cleared up, and just to start getting things ported over, I've (I think) finished the Miscellaneous tab. Tomorrowlands itself probably won't be officially launched until next weekend at the earliest, but it's good to see the site growing already.

Also, Jia (my mate Erin Lynn) is going to have a presence on the site, too. I'll add her stuff as soon as I can. (Still no word on the domain name or logos ...)

June 29, 2K ... Golly. Life is weird. You blink, and four days have gone by, and nothing's been done on your webpage.

I'll be adding more content soon; I've heard that the logo is going to happen, but not until after Anthrocon (have a good time, Cerulean!); I've got a long weekend, courtesy of my employer and our achievement of a distribution milestone; and I've written a script to automate the process of adding news to the front page -- and moving the older news to the archive. I'm testing it now, and if it runs smoothly, you'll be able to expect a lot more constant rambling from me in this space. Less fuss, more talk! I like those odds.

Ultimately, I hope to automate a hell of a lot of the content-adding process; that means more for you, my readers. In the meantime, let me point you to a few links which I've found particularly educational in the last few days ...: one about the history and future of computing, and the phenomal growth rate of computer power, at Techreview; an old government test from the 1950s which informs me that I am well-nigh panic-proof in a nuclear disaster (happy gratuitous linkage). While you're reading, go visit antwon.com, and contribute a few bucks to help him take the MCAT. You think that sounds like a shameless plug for money? It is, which is why you should read about it, at which point you'll appreciate its subtlety and beauty.

Ah, the joy of Tomorrowlands news. ;) I feel so newsful.

P.S. The script works.

June 30, 2K ... I must resist the temptation to turn this into a daily ramble. It is for Tomorrowlands news. I don't know why this is the case, but some sort of cosmic balance will be upset if I just go off at random here every day. Yeah, right. Who am I trying to fool? ];=8)

I should be spending this time updating Tomorrowlands, anyway. Except I can't. I'm at work. All of my source files are on my home computer. (And on ECIS, of course, but if I work from home, I can keep local copies of all the changes I make, and I get to use a spiffier text editor.) But I'll get some good updatin' done this weekend, darn tootin'.

I'd just like to say, by the way, that the Pikachu Dance (I'm not going to give you the URL ... but you can figure it out if you try) is extremely traumatic. I'm not sure whether it's more saddening or horrifying. Boy, after a run-in like that on the Web, going back to implementing wave collision strategies in Java will be a welcome distraction.

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