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The four words "I am a dragon" are perhaps the closest way to sum up my life in a sentence or less.

To explore what that means to me, read on.

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I am a dragon. It's almost easier to explain that by saying what it isn't than by saying what it is. It is not a role-playing thing; it is not an online persona. It is also not a delusion that claws are hitting the keyboard as I type. I believe that I am, quite literally, a dragon in spirit, and that I'm as human in body as the rest of you. (Perhaps only for now.)

What this belief means to me, and what effect it has on my life, is a more complex question, not easily condensed into the sort of soundbite that would fit in this paragraph.

This is not a belief that I hold in isolation. There are several internet newsgroups, mailing lists, and websites devoted to draconity. (I do not say this because dragons are an Internet phenomenon; I say this because you're on the internet right now, and if you're interested in further research, sites like Draconic.com are more accessible than trying to track down dragon resources in the physical world.) Draconity is part of a larger phenomenon variously called "therianthropy" (from the Greek word roots therion, beast, and anthropos, human) or "Otherkin" (a created word referring to the community of those who are other than human in spirit). Resources like otherkin.net are also available to help explain the broader idea, and Raki's Draconity Resource Project is another good starting point.

One of my ongoing resolutions is to fully update this section of the site. Please bear with me while I give it the attention it deserves.

While you're waiting, you may wish to visit some of the pages on draconity I've maintained for over a decade now:

  • The Draconity FAQ, quite possibly the most-cited reference on dragons in human bodies out there.
  • ClaWrite, a dragon-friendly alphabet composed of cross-slashes.
Also hosted here, but long out of date, is A newbie's guide to meeting dragons online -- a good first-step reference to joining the alt.fan.dragons newsgroup or IRC channel. (An interesting legacy document, but you're much better off finding a mailing list, Livejournal group, joining Draconic, etc.)

Current resources on Tomorrowlands:

Dragon literature: Stories of dragons in the modern age can actually be hard to find! Dragons are often major (or main) characters in fantasy novels, but dragon protagonists in the modern age are a rarity. I've compiled a book list of dragons in urban fantasy if you want to find fiction that's relevant to modern draconity.

More to come as I finish migrating.

-- Baxil

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