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Tomorrowlands.org contains a great deal of original content -- in many different media. This page is meant to provide general information on them all. If your question isn't answered here, please write to us via the Contact page.

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Before I get started, I'd like to thank Cerulean Studios for Tomorrowlands' lovely logo! The text design seen at the top of each page is © 2000 Kevin Pease. (The newer-style logo on the site front was photoshopped from publically available astronomical pics.)

Copyright Notice for Content on www.tomorrowlands.org

1. Overview
Use common sense. My stuff is mine. I respect others' rights to their own works; I ask that you do the same for me. If you like my stuff, LINK TO IT -- don't copy it for your own website.

2. Ownership
Unless explicitly released to the public domain, all text, images, multimedia, programming code, and other works (hereafter referred to as Material) on any Web page hosted by www.tomorrowlands.org are copyright the original author or creator of the Material. Unless specifically stated on the page containing the Material in question, this creator is Tad "Baxil" Ramspott (hereafter referred to as Baxil). Baxil's work is © 1996-2007 Tad "Baxil" Ramspott. Years of copyright will be individually marked for others' works, if different from the year in which the Material was posted.

3. Usage of Baxil's works
Except for the right to view and download a copy of the Material for personal use, no rights of usage, distribution or modification are granted. The right to redistribute the Material via the World Wide Web or in printed format is specifically NOT granted. Exceptions will be made on an individual basis; please write to me if you wish to reuse my Material.

(Again, common sense is the guiding factor here -- don't steal my work. Excerpts for purposes of commentary, parody, etc., are often covered under "fair use" provisions of copyright law, and there's nothing I can say that restricts your right to quote a few lines or paragraphs, properly attributed. For more information, read a primer to copyright law such as that at the Stanford Copyright & Fair Use Center.)

Also, for purposes of this notice, creating a hypertext link to a Web page at tomorrowlands.org is NOT redistribution, and may be done freely. This only applies to Web pages -- do not directly use or directly link to images without permission; link to the page which contains them.

4. Usage of others' works
All material on this site not created by Baxil is reposted with permission (a non-exclusive right to redistribute the material via the World Wide Web). This does not imply that any rights to the work are transferred to the viewer. Contact the original author for copyright information and/or permission to use their works. Contact information will be provided where available.

If no contact information is provided, or if the author does not respond, then no rights of usage, distribution or modification are granted, except for the right to view and download a copy for personal use of the Material.

Some pages contain Material that was originally created by others and (A) submitted to me via E-mail, or (B) posted without implicit restriction on a public forum. Such material is handled as above, with the caveat that in the interest of timely commentary on current issues I may not have had time to specifically ask for permission to repost it. If you are the author of such Material and do not wish it to be posted on this site, please write to Baxil via the Contact page. Requests for removal will be honored, although at my option I may instead make available an outside link to the original Material (for instance, at a Usenet archiving service such as Google Groups).

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