Baxil Pridus of Kaloth
47° N 122° W Sol-3
"Milky Way" galaxy, Reality #42
AetherNet: (206-0-23) 555-2294 ext. 5

Objective: To find a position allowing me to promote universal peace, tolerance, and cogno-intellectual enlightenment.

Salary range: $30,000 - $40,000 per (Earth) year.


4500 years of existence 25+ confirmed incarnations, plus multiple memories of prior existence (5,000+ years ago) Wide variety of forms in incarnations, including:
  • Dragon [4+ times]; Yelani [2+ times]
  • Human [2+ times]; Elf
  • Shapeshifter
  • Sapient insect-thing; Fish
Notable causes of death: Natural aging; assassination; suicide; being eaten by a bigger fish

Notable social positions: Dragon Clan leader-to-be; Duke; principal villain of an entire race's mythology; one of only a handful of non-unicorns ever to learn unicorn magic; not quite the biggest fish in the food chain

Languages best known: High Dragon, Garnian, Terran, Yelani, English, PERL, Java, HTML


1997 - Present: Fleet -- "Egypt Base," Terra
Yelani/Terran ambassador; consultant


1996 - Present: "Alfandria"/"The Dominance"/"Wang Toodle of Dragons"/"xgrmpflmprxyzzz"
Web Developer; Therianthrope Figurehead; XY Conspirator

Reason for (repeatedly) leaving: Needed to be able to return


approx. 1900? - 1967: Kingdom of Garn -- Halian
Human researcher

Reason for leaving: To seek less racially tense atmosphere

Further employment references available upon request.

Recent Projects/Achievements


Like what you see? You can rent me by the hour if you want to take a test flight (so to speak). Reasonable rates.

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