"Matte Black"

Orion Sandstorrm tackles the 24-hour comic

The setup

The 24-Hour Comic (more information here) was conceived in 1990 by Scott McCloud as a thought exercise: Produce, from scratch, a finished 24-page comic in 24 hours. No mean feat, when you consider all of the work that goes into a comic (not just drawing, but planning, layout, inking, and coloring/shading). Scott, naturally, called his own bluff, produced a 24-hour comic of his own ... and started a trend.

On October 12, 2001, Orion kicked himself out of bed early in the morning, and set out to accomplish the same. I'll let Orion take the mic, and introduce his own work ...

Is this thing on? *taptap* *fzzt*

    "Hey! Look! It's sparkly! It GLOWS IN THE DARK! (Sort of.)"

It doesn't really slice, maybe it can dice, and maybe it's good with ice. Spontaniety, innovation, and people with weird stuff growing out of their heads. It's got everything. It even has an in-joke or two, but not as many as I could have done now that I think of it.

    But, mostly it's sparkly.

So, one beautiful day (or something) in the Three Uber-Sectors ...

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"Matte Black" and all artwork © 2001 by Orion Sandstorrm.

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