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July 20, 1998 ...
(Nifty Picture!)

It's official

After nearly two years (eep) of tail-dragging, and four months of working out the logistics of a handover, the Dragon Code page isn't mine any more.

I have now handed the official Code site, and all associated maintenance, over to Wyrm. I will continue to maintain the rest of my site (including the list at the top of the page), and I will maintain this page as a U.S. mirror site of the Revised Dragon Code when it is released.

Where to go

The new official Dragon Code site:
The old Dragon Code page (DC v.1):
Wyrm's site homepage:
Baxil's site homepage:

Who to contact

Dragon Code feedback/suggestions for the new version: Contact Wyrm via the new site.
Questions/comments about the handover: Contact me
Any and all flames, criticism, and negativity: Contact me

Thanks, everyone.

  -- Baxil

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