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(Another non-graphical-browser surprise treat) f/22; 1/125 sec

Some parking lot lines. Make love, not petroleum, dude.

Why did I take this picture? The context of the familiar "peace" symbol gave the parking lot new life. It's an example of how good framing can create a picture out of what might otherwise not be worth a second look.

(Photography haiku!) f/11; 1/500 sec

Ah, the benefits of using 400-speed film with a telephoto lens in broad daylight. Decent depth of field *and* high-speed photography! All in one!

How did this picture come out so well? Sometimes you just have to press the button and pray -- especially with fast-action shots. Taking multiple exposures can increase your chances of a good picture, but it's always a gamble. Again, framing helped: keeping the player at the right of the screen, kicking the ball toward the center, draws the eye in and provides a sense of motion. But I had no idea I'd caught him in mid-kick until I saw the print.

(The big paradox --) f/22; 1/250 sec

No, he's not floating in midair; I just took the picture into the blue sky so the web would get washed out. (Actually, I was hoping for a full silhouette -- the greenery still turned out green, though. I'm going to have to work on those.)

How did I find this subject? Someone told me about the fantastic spiderweb down near Building 100 while I was working at the school library. Good photography is not only about seeing, but listening!

(Light's the fastest thing that is,) f/16; 1/125 sec

One of the lights in a campus parking lot. I took the photo because one of the lights was on and one was off, but the composition just turned out right, and it didn't end up making that much difference. (This picture has been cropped slightly from the original negative.)

Why is this picture framed so well? The original negative (and print) contained a lot of stuff around the edges I didn't want. Thanks to the magic of digital picture editing, I can bring you just the area of the picture I want to show without lots of tedious handiwork.

(But photos stop time) f/3.5; 1/125 sec; slightly color-corrected by printer to compensate for fluorescent lighting.

Taken inside the classroom of my photography class. In fact, since I missed the original deadline due to a rampaging case of stomach flu, I took this when the students were discussing the results of the assignment that I took the photos for. The ultimate in self-referential homework.

Why did I include this picture? Because I'm mischevious at heart and had to poke fun at the concept of turning in peer-reviewed photographs in my own little way. :-)

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