Baxil's TTU to-do list

      as of 4-13-2003

More or less in order of priority, though I won't always be a good boy and do the important stuff first .
  1. Edit: Tchjdaedn's "Snow".
  2. Edit: S'lyer's "Bending the Rules".
  3. Read: S'lyer's "Bending the Rules, Part 2".
  4. Write: "Offertory."
    Done: 95%.
  5. Edit: My "The Dragon Tamers".
  6. Edit: Silussa's "Titania, Book 2, OMEGA" (branching story path for fun alternate timeline stuff). Talk to Silussa to plan and finalize format of continuing Titania adventures.
  7. Write: Ash v. Kiasu.
    Done: 15%.
  8. Write: Redeemers character bios.
    Done: 95%. Must transcribe from paper; should add writing crib sheets.
  9. Write: Gold Murders and Valdine Case information for 1997 background events.
    Done: 0%, but fully planned.
  10. Write: Elena story.
    Done: 30%. Prereq: A spot of Santeria research (A).
  11. Edit: Story Circle stories.
    Prereq: (Elena)
  12. Write: Southern Comfort.
    Done: 45%. Prereq: Redeemers bios; Bible research.
  13. Code: That database system for FAQ, so I can reuse it for an online TTU subject index.
    Done: 3%.
  14. Write: Griffin's Flight.
    Done: 70%. Prereq: Redeemers bios. Heavily edit existing Griff.
  15. Write: Child of Summer.
    Done: 60%. Prereq: Ash/Lucas history. Rewrite: Remove Guido (or: Ash/Guido history; rewrite Guido).


(i.e. notes having to do with nothing in particular)

RANDOM QUOTE reminiscent of TTU's executive order:
I recall a bumper-sticker from twenty years ago that read: "There will never be concentration camps in America: they'll be called something else!"
-- Butler Shaffer,

And for Mars to cite:

Nature is by and large to be found out of doors, a location where, it cannot be argued, there are never enough comfortable chairs.
-- Fran Leibowitz


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