I was kidding about the llamas.

But, if you REALLY insist, llama information exists out there.

There is, for example, a neato burrito site called the LlamaWeb homepage.

And ... wow! A fellow ECIS user (my old ISP, before Tomorrowlands) has created a llama site (a serious one, not just a wacky list of links like mine)! Check out Perky's page at www.perkylamas.com!

By special request we now have a moose link, for those who just can't stop thinking this page is here because of Monty Python. (A moose once bit my sister, you know...)

However, I will never ever link to the Naked Dancing Llama homepage. Nope. Nope. Not gonna happen. Nothing doing.

Go bax to my page. Before this gets too silly.

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