Most everything on this page is blinky text. Doesn't it get annoying after a while?

To be honest, this page was created out of an intense desire to annoy my fellow hallmate, Macintosh freak, and hacker par excellance, Mr. Michael (Bank-Of-Thorpe) Thorpe. Do you want to know what all this blinky text business is about? Contact him at <mike (at) pedantic dot-org>.
Alternatively, you can just go visit HIS web page. To do so, click on the link that will be installed here just as soon as I find out where his web page is.

Blinky! Blinky! Blinky! Ehehehehe!!!!!


If you are using Mosaic or Lynx to read this, and are missing out on the blinking effect, well.....@$@%ing get Netscape, then. The whole point of this page is to BLINK!

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Tad ("Love-that-blinky-text!") Ramspott <>

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