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Welcome to my Chibi Jesus page! ^_^ This is a place where Chibi lovers and Jesus lovers all over the world can meet and let both of their passions come together!! We are small right now but we invite you to send in your own artwork to share with other visitors!!!

I've been a little while between updates because of a broken arm ;_; but the submissions keep coming in! There's more new pics below and of course you can send me stuff you've drawn!

This is the thing that controls the music that plays, I hope you like it ^_^ But if you don't I guess you can turn it off! (I moved this to the top of the page because some people don't like the music, so now you can find it easier!)


Chibi Jesus!

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Now I've put the new ones on the top! (that way you don't have to scroll down to click the ones you haven't seen)

By Orion Sandstorrm, 6/2002  (New)
EVERY forest is a Forest of Luuuuv when Chibi Jesus is around because Jesus IS luuuuuv!! And the other kinds of love too ^_^ Look at how happy He looks to be spreading His Word! ^_^

By L.E. Byerly, 6/2002  (New)
This is a picture of the moment that Judas betrays Our Lord (i.e., Matt. 26:49-50). The artist L.E. said something about "Jesus Christ Superstar" in their letter to me so I guess that what Jesus is saying must be a quote from the play or something ^_^

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By Zarla, 5/2002  (New)
Zarla returns, becoming our first repeat submitter with not one but a TRIO of cool sketches ^_^ We all know Jesus walks on water and is a fisher of men, but I have to say the idea of Jesus as a furry intrigues me ^_^ After all, man was made in God's image and Jesus came to us as a man, so if we find aliens shouldn't He have also sent them their own savior that looked like them? Interesting question ^_^

By Troy Steen (age 13), 3/2002
"WWJD"? Sit at home and watch anime like the rest of us, sometimes ^_^ In this picture he's laughing at something cool like Dragon Half or The Slayers, or maybe he's just reading Apocamon with his WebTV ^_^

By Zephyra, 3/2002
This proves you don't need fancy Photoshop tools to understand what Chibi Jesus is ^_^ "I bring you LOOOOOVE!" Jesus says! Word! Love and superdeformed bodies, that's what it's all about! ^_^

By Jonathon "oh I know" Pelham, 3/2002
Our Savior takes a ride in the country! I know those misguided atheists say "I want religion like a fish wants a bicycle" or something but as you can see even GOD likes bicycles! So ha! ^_^

By Richard Barrett, 2/2002
"Chibi Jesus means love to all God's creatures, and that includes YOU!!!!!!" Richard says. So true ^_^ This Jesus reminds me of Genma from Ranma 1/2, which is cool, because they both kick butt ^_^

By Sarah Brown, 2/2002
Jesus daisuki desu! (That means "I love Jesus" for all you English speakers out there! ^_^) And wouldn't you, too, if he looked this kawaii?

By Zarla, 11/2001
Wow, I'm not alone! ^_^ I did another websearch for Chibi Jesus a little while back and found out from one of Zarla's journal entries that she had sketched one too, without ever seeing this page! This idea is bigger than I thought! ^_^
By Kaijima, 11/2001
All I can say is, WOW ^_^ Kai has produced a full chibi rendition of "The Last Supper", and it just puts my art to shame! Thanks Kai!

By Orion Sandstorrm, 11/2001
This one made me laugh ^_^ At first I kinda thought it was blasphemous, but then I remembered, God is omnipotent, so I guess He can do pretty much whatever he wants, and that goes for Jesus too ^_^

By Erin Lynn, 10/2001
Jesus done in the style of the Powerpuff Girls, except that the PPG are the heroes of Townsville and Jesus is the hero of HUMANITY ^_^ So remember that next time you watch cartoons ^_^

By Misty Newman, 10/2001
Our Savior on the cross. What a poignant piece. Chibi isn't just about cute happy fuzzy bunny-ness, ya know ^_^

By Tad Ramspott, 10/2001
Jesus running through the fields. KAWAII!! Yah, this is my art, I know it sux but I couldn't make a page like this and not contribute ^_^

I've also found another site with a Chibi Jesus on it, although it only has one, so I think this is still better ^_^ But if you want to go check it out go to I think it requires Shockwave Flash though.


Send Me Your Art!

OK, so I want this page to be a BIG collaborative effort from people all around the Internet! I know that there are lots of talented chibi artists that are "turned on" to Jesus!! So draw something and send it to me and I can post it here!!!

Here's what you have to do:

  1. Draw Jesus! Obviously draw him chibi style ^_^ or at least the closest you can get if you don't draw chibi much! Now this is supposed to be a page CELEBRATING Jesus so don't draw him getting eaten by crocodiles or anything ^_^ But use your imagination because there's a lot of room for different styles!
  2. Save the picture as a GIF or a JPG. (your choice) Make it a reasonable size.
  3. Mail it to me: chibijesus@ tomorrowlands-dot org! (*IMPORTANT, SEE BELOW) When I get your picture I will post it on this page!
  4. I almost forgot! Make sure to tell me your name (I can't always get it from the e-mail return address) and your web site link!! That way I can credit the artwork to you and link to your site!!! If you don't have a website then, um, maybe give me an e-mail address or something, I dunno ^_^ I'll accept anonymous submissions too but not if they're tasteless like Jesus getting attacked by alligators!!!! ^_^
IMPORTANT! I had to change my e-mail address because of all of the spam >.< So don't use the chibijesus address anymore, please send here: The good news is that this address is protected by Javascript against "fishing" (stupid spammers, only JESUS is the fisher of men! ^___^) so I can set it up to go straight through my spam filters! Even if you send pictures ^_^



What is Chibi? "Chibi" is a Japanese style of art used in anime, also known as "super-deformed" because the head is much bigger in proportion to the body than usual. It is a very popular style and well-recognized among otaku (people who watch anime). It is used a lot because the simplified drawings make emotion very easy to express. (more detail)

Who is Jesus? Jesus of Nazareth (6 BCE-30 CE), AKA "Christ", is the one and only Son of God, who died on the cross so that our sins could be forgiven. He is the central figure (not counting God Himself) of Christianity, one of the world's largest belief structures. (more detail)

So what is Chibi Jesus? Uhm, art of Jesus done in Chibi ^_^

"First and Only": I did a websearch on Google for the phrase "chibi jesus" (with the quotes) on October 7, 2001 and got NO results. So I decided I needed to make this page to turn more people on to the Lord! You never know what's going to reach out to someone and make them want to discover the Bible ^_^ Chibi isn't for everyone but I know a lot of people will appreciate this. So please don't flame me, I'm just doing what I can ^_^ If you still want to comment on my site then mail me! (see link in "send me your art" above)

Oh yah, and all art on this page is © its creator ^_^ So don't steal anything. And the kawaii little running Jesus divider is © by me, I hope you like it ^_^ I got the midi file from somewhere off the net, it said it was free, if it's not then e-mail me and I'll take it off. I got the script that makes words follow the mouse from, see this page's source code for details ^_^

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