Unique jewelry designs, and oddness.

Please contact me if you're interested in purchasing any of the items here, or if you have any questions. Comissions gladly accepted. A shipping charge of $3 will be added to the cost of any order; if multiple necklaces are ordered, the shipping charge will not be increased. Please note: necklace lengths are "from clasp (or knot) to charm," representing half the entire circumference of the necklace.

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This was my first commission necklace, which I'm quite proud of. Please feel free to contact me if you have an idea that you'd like to discuss. SOLD "Blue Sunday." My only titled necklace so far, this piece is one of my new wire necklaces. I'm honestly not sure what the blue material in the central pendant is - it's quite shiny, and very stunning. 13" long. SOLD
A bronze horse, strung on waxed thread, with various green and tan/amber glass beads. 17" long; easily shortened. Asking price - $12 Cloisonne fish, also strung on waxed thread, using blue and green-blue beads. The larger image shows the silvered fish skeletons that I used to highlight the design. 17 1/2" long; easily shortened. Asking price - $17
I believe this fox is resin-cast; it has a flat bottom, and can sit on its own. The beads are predominately green glass, with a few glass "tooth" beads, and the necklace is wire chain. 13" long. Asking price - $18 The centerpiece of this necklace is a large ceramic button. When I discovered how to make the silver coils, I spent several hours happily spiraling away. This necklace also has several silver bells, thus it is a jingly necklace. 11 1/2" long. Asking price - $25
The raccoon charm has a movable tail, so he seems to swing by it. The beads on the necklace were chosen to represent a racoon's diet and environment. This is a more whimsical necklace than I usually make. 17" long SOLD I'm tentatively calling this piece "Leaf Lady;" it does have something to do with spring, though I'm not sure exactly what. Mostly silver and very, very green, as you can probably tell from the pictures. 15"long. SOLD
A gilded miniature Bast is the centerpiece of this wire-link necklace. Many small cat charms dangle from it as well. The primary color scheme is purple, with gold highlights. 12" long. SOLD This bracelet was made as an exercise in a wire-bending manual. I enjoyed making the coils immensely - this was a very fun bracelet to make. I'd be happy to adjust the length of the bracelet, and I'm considering making more of these, if there's an interest for them. 7 1/2" diameter. Asking price - $12

Bottle Necklaces

These tiny, sealed bottles each contain a message of five words, picked at random, a few representational objects, and a healthy dose of glitter. I think of them as secret messages to the self. My own bottle necklace is named "Scarab." If there is a special message you'd like to wear, please don't hesitate to contact me; I would be delighted to make a message bottle to your specification.
This necklace is strung on waxed thread, and contains the message: "creation ~ health ~ open ~ grow ~ flow" 16 1/2" long; easily shortened. SOLD This necklace was made with wire chain, and contains the message: "sky ~ hand ~ light ~ seed ~ shine" 13" long. SOLD
This necklace is strung on waxed thread, with small bronze bells as an additional adornment, and contains the message: "communication ~ joy ~ color ~ courage ~ relax" 18 1/2" long; easily shortened. Asking price - $15 This necklace was made with wire chain, and contains the message: "heart ~ harmony ~ moon ~ sky ~ glow" 12 1/2" long. Asking price - $20

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